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Organizers of conferences are welcome to propose research outputs from their conferences to be published in Conferencii.

Conferences must fulfill the following criteria:

If you choose to publish your conference proceedings with Conferencii, benefits include:

Publication Procedure

Peer Review Policy & Guidelines

In order to ensure the published proceedings include high-quality scientific work that is of long-term interest and benefit to the scientific community, the journal requires conference organizers to commit to undertaking an appropriate peer review process before paper acceptance and provide proof of the peer review process.

In addition, all organizers/editors will be required to complete a Peer Review Statement describing how the papers were peer reviewed. This information will be published as part of the proceedings.

All conferences are requested to adhere to the following standards:

The following criteria should be considered by the editors and referees in their evaluation:

Manuscripts submitted to Conferencii should meet the highest standards of publication ethics:

Download the Review Report Form to help with the paper review process.